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Nomination Form

How do I Nominate a Player?

 Things to consider before making a recommendation:

1. Make a strong case for the player you are recommending and provide as much contact information as you can.

2. The NWS scouting staff’s (and advisory council) evaluations will serve as the primary factor for a player to receive an invitation to NWS .

3. Recommendations by the local D1 coaches and MLB scouts also are used to identify the RIGHT players for NWS. They know who they want to watch compete as they sort through all the area’s players.

4. Recommendations will be considered from other sources that are aware of the caliber of players targeted for NWS l, such as summer club team coaches and local high school coaches. Those that understand the level of competition in this event and have the best interest of the players and the college coaches/MLB scouts in mind are the ones we give credibility to.

5. When recommending a player, please be aware of the history of the top players who have performed in this event. There are many ‘good’ players in Northern CA but we are not simply looking for ‘good’ high school players. We are looking for PROSPECTS that can and will benefit from the opportunity. We are looking for major D1 scholarship caliber players and professional prospects.

6. The Bay Area does not have 192 D1 caliber high school juniors and sophomores on a year to year basis (though there are 100 or so), so we do not expect every player to be D1 caliber or a professional prospect. However, we do expect that each player that is recommended is one of the top players in his local region, and can be expected to be an all-conference caliber player when he reaches his peak ability at the high school level. Players that are starting by their sophomore year are generally those type of players.

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